So, you are interested in joining our golden family? We would love to have you be a part of this amazing group of people.


Are you interested in joining our Golden Family? – If so, the first thing to do is fill out a RESERVATION FORM. That places you on our waiting list and secures your place in line. We also encourage you to read our HEALTH GUARANTEE. We personally like to have a conversation with every potential puppy buyer, so we know what expectations they have from their breeder and to get a feel for the lifestyle of the client. This helps to solidify the bond between buyer and breeder. It also allows all expectations on both sides to be met. We want more than anything for our puppies to succeed. We believe that establishing an open relationship with all of our clients, lets them know they can reach out to us during all stages of their dogs’ life. As the time draws near for puppies to be born, we will contact you to make sure you are still interested in a puppy. If so, we keep your reservation form active for that litter.

When Puppies are Born- After the puppies are born, we will contact you again to verify you are wanting a puppy from the litter. At this time, we begin building our specific list for the litter. We will place you in order on the list by the date we received your reservation form. We assign you a spot specifically for a male or female, based on your request. Please note that due to our long waiting list, we cannot offer two puppies from the same litter to one household at this time.

The time invested in every puppy starts at day one. When selecting a puppy, we need all the information we can glean from our clients. It is imperative that the right puppy is picked for each individual buyers’ lifestyle. Each puppy is handled daily and exposed to as much stimulation as possible throughout their short stay with us.  We start our puppies of with training as early as 2 days old with Bio-Sensor Training. This training program is used by the US Military to ensure all the puppies they produce are stable, healthy and well-rounded puppies. Each puppy is scored daily. At 3 weeks we start the Volhard Testing process. This training tests for fright and flight reflexes and recovery time. It also desensitizes puppies for sudden movement and loud noises. Each puppy is scored daily during this process as well. At 7 weeks of age, we take the scores from both testing and training programs. The puppy who scores the highest cumulatively is then chosen to be the service dog from the litter. Many times, there are more than one service quality puppy in a litter. At this time, we know which puppies are best suited for different lifestyles or working homes. Legitimate service requests are moved ahead of family pet requests on our waiting list. When needed, we also donate a puppy to someone needing a service quality dog but cannot afford one.

Deposits- When the puppies are a week old and thriving, we begin taking deposits. We don’t believe in taking any money for a puppy that hasn’t been born yet or isn’t doing well. Once you have placed your deposit, your puppy is secure. The deposit is non-refundable unless an act of God. nature or something out of our control causes your puppy to expire. You would then have the option for a refund, or we will gladly honor your deposit for another puppy from a future litter.  To make a deposit using PayPal, just click on the PayPal button below. We also accept cash, checks and credit/debit cards.

Visiting the puppies- We understand that you can’t wait to see and get your hands on the beautiful puppies. However, we ask that you wait until they are 4 to 5 weeks old before visiting and playing with them. During the first few weeks, we are concentrating on the daily testing of the puppies and we want to keep the stress level to a minimum for the mothers. Once they are old enough, you will be welcome to come and spend as much time as you like playing with them and taking in as much puppy breath as you can stand.

Pick Up Day- The day has finally arrived! It’s time to come, choose your new fur baby and take it home. We will schedule you to come, in order, by your position on the list. By this time, we have chosen the donation puppy and any puppies that are being bought for a specific service need. Once you arrive, you will choose from the remaining puppies. If you were on the list for a male, you will choose from the remaining males. If you were on the list for a female, you will choose from the remaining females. If you were last on the list, then the last available puppy is yours. We will gladly answer questions about the puppy’s personalities to help you decide. Once your choice is made, you will spend a little time with Danielle. She will go over the Health Guarantee with you and some basic information. She will also schedule a time for you to attend her online training class. This class is required as it will give you the information and tools you need, to allow your new puppy to reach its full potential, health and temperament wise.

The remaining balance is due today. We definitely prefer cash, but can accept credit/debit cards or Paypal. If you use a debit or credit card, there will be an extra 3% charge. Please, no checks for final payment.

If we are shipping your puppy by plane, we ask that the remaining balance be paid before shipment.

Your Journey Begins- Welcome to the Carolina Goldens family! You are now part of an ever growing and wonderful family of golden retriever lovers. We will always be here to support you and answer any questions along the way. We want to watch your puppy grow up and become great. Please join and post pictures or videos on our Facebook group page. We encourage you to interact with everyone on the group page. They are your family now too and can offer excellent advice and answer most of your questions.  Remember, many of them were once where you are now. They will be a valuable resource.

Puppy Deposit