Customer Testimonials


Angel and John 2014                                 Beverly and Harper Grace

Here are a few kind and generous words of testimony from our customers:

“After the heartbreak of losing my beautiful golden girl to cancer last Fall, I spoke with my vet about finding another golden to love. She said that goldens are hard to come by because of over breeding and inter-breeding. So, I began my internet search. After visiting a couple of “breeding facilities” and refusing to contribute to puppy mills, I was beginning to lose hope. What a blessing it was to find your website! I fell in love with the pictures of happy, healthy goldens on your site. Once I read that your dogs were service/therapy dogs and after our first phone conversation, I knew you had the perfect puppy for me. It was obvious that you were in business for the love of the breed, not greed. I appreciated that you whole heartedly believed that dogs are family members, not just pets. It was easy to see the love and respect you have for your dogs. I was beyond excited! Being that I live 3 hours away, I looked forward to your frequent updates and precious pictures, which allowed me to be a part of her earliest stages of growth. I was already head over heels in love and attached to her before I ever held her in my arms.
My sweet, beautiful Harper-Grace has been such a JOY to me. She has the best temperament, is very playful and energetic, and has been very easy to train. My vet was in love from the first time she met her too and instantly knew upon her first exam that she was very healthy and of good breeding practices. She was very complimentary of her looks, stature and temperament. She charms everyone she comes in contact with. I get compliments on her beauty and demeanor every where we go. She is my constant travel companion and enjoys all outdoor activities, but enjoys being queen of the house too. She even has her own hike blog! Plans are to certify her with Therapy Dogs International.
I can never Thank You enough for allowing me the privilege of loving her for many years to come. Not only has she quickly mended my heart but she has been a very welcomed and loved new member of my family. I enjoy our continued friendship and love that you enjoy the pictures and updates. That speaks volumes and truly reflects the pride and loyalty of your services. I would highly recommend Carolina Goldens to anyone!”  -Beverly Hooven


“ Danielle is the greatest! We couldn’t recommend them more  highly.”
–Steve and Rachel Jensen

“We love every minute we spend with him.  I find it hard to do my work around the house because I want to spend time with him so much!  He truly has the sweetest little personality!

We took him today to the vet to get a couple booster shots. He did so good!  Everyone who sees him falls in love with him.”
– Julie and David Owen



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