Our Boys

All of our studs have full health clearances ; hips, elbows , eyes, heart and also all appropriate DNA testing done as well. (clearances can be viewed at the CG Rutherfordton location.)

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Gus is our senior American boy. We call him our dancing teddy bear. He will play and fetch til he drops. Both of his parents are show champions and are working on their field trial championships. He is the most focused male here at CG . His puppies have drive focus and a really great nose on them. Gus is 75lbs respectively. his babies will be short and stout

Coyote is King Wylie’s son from his last breed. He is kind and obedient. Gentle temperament with the will to work and stay engaged. Moderate drive with the calm settled nature. 70lbs respectively

Yukon is our senior English cream boy. He is a sweet tempered loving fellow with a goofy side he doesn’t mind displaying. Yukon has more personality in his toenail than most dogs do in their lifetime. He is 85lbs respectively. His large block head is his trademark compliment he throws to all his offspring.

Timber hails from California . He is a direct descendant to “Liberty” one of the dogs that Gerald Ford bred in The Whitehouse. (yes we have the documentation to prove this) . He is 80lbs respectivly. He is very kind natured.